NetScaler 10.5 – fsck commands have changed

Just a heads up in case anyone else runs into this, the process for verifying the file system integrity of a NetScaler appliance has apparently changed in the 10.5 firmware, but Citrix’s documentation does not (yet) reflect this.

We had a “surprise network outage” over the weekend which took down iSCSI connectivity, and with it, my NetScaler VPX HA pair.


Shortly after everything came back up, we began receiving alerts from NetScaler Command Center that “hardDiskDriveErrors” are seen on the system.


Alright, fine, let’s verify file system integrity and see what there is to see.  Citrix article CTX122845 outlines the process…or so I thought.  I’d never done this/had to do this before, so I couldn’t compare to a past experience.

In Step 5, you are told to press enter after booting to single user mode and the command prompt of the appliance changes to “\u@\h$” but it doesn’t…just “\u@”.  Then, in Step 6 you are directed to enter the “/sbin/fsck /dev/######” command.  However, that command didn’t work either.

I opened a ticket with Citrix support to rule out a PEBKAC error (quite likely if I’m involved) and they confirmed these commands indeed do not work, and they’ve actually changed in the NS 10.5 firmware.

In this screenshot, we see the error when attempting to enter the command according to Step 6 in CTX122845


Here is an example of the correct command “\u@fsck -t ufs /dev/######”


Also, be sure to check out what your actual device names are according to CTX121853, it does vary by model and in the case of the VPX, differs from the example used in CTX122845.

Hopefully Citrix will update their documentation soon, but if not, this might be your work around.